Trump and Gorbachev: who quickly destroyed the system

Strong disorder in today’s American life gives rise to various attempts to explain what is happening. At the same time, one can immediately put aside the judgments of Russian patriots in the spirit of “kirdyk your America.”

And not because America obviously doesn’t have a kirdyk, because this can never be, – there can be everything, including this, world history is generally full of kirdyks. And because these judgments are immediately discarded: can there be anything good in a Russian who promises America such a fate, there is nothing to talk about.

It is more interesting to see what they think about it on the other side. Indeed, on the other side of the Atlantic, nobody seems to be interested in the collapse of the United States.

There is a theory of eternal puberty. America is not just a young nation, by the standards of the Old World, which began its historical existence only yesterday, but also a nation that is constantly updating its youth. A rebellious youth is inevitably associated with all sorts of nonsense, teenage acne, BLM and all that jazz. But who in his youth does not go wild, he will lose his mind in old age, while periodic youthful demoniac only strengthens the strength and mind of a great nation.

Perhaps this is so, but then there is no need to pay special attention to how American couples walk – this is an inevitable youth initiation. “They broke the windows and robbed – well, that’s a great disaster. The old bitch, consumer capitalism (the option is a healthy and powerful American lifestyle) has not experienced it yet.”

The problem, however, is that not everyone across the ocean walking couples cause such a peaceful attitude. Others describe what is happening in such expressions that the local talk about kirdyk looks pretty chirping.

“The split is wholly Trump’s merit. It’s his tactics and strategy. Trump’s tax policy is an absolute provocation towards the country and the majority of the people. If there is a civil war in America now, Trump has kindled it deliberately. America for three and a half years Trump’s presidency has transformed from the greatest world power that everyone respected and that everyone was oriented toward into a banana republic. formally from NATO, Trump has already destroyed this organization. Today, no one in Europe believes that America will defend Europe. He will not stand up. On the contrary, it will still help Putin. ” Naturally, “Cursed days.”

Compare this with what the coveted presidency of Hillary Clinton said on August 26, 2016 – less than four years ago. “The United States is an exceptional nation. I believe that we, as Lincoln said, are still the last, best hope of the Earth.” She also cited the words of former President Ronald Reagan, who compared the United States to a “shining city on a hill,” and Robert Kennedy, who called the United States “a great, selfless, merciful country.” Clinton said that not a single country in the world, including Russia and China, has such reliable allies as the United States: “My friends, we are so lucky to be Americans! That’s why so many people from around the world also want to become Americans.”

In fact, as mentioned above, everything happens. So, in August 1914 they wrote:
“And in the foggy North
Thunder rumbled audibly:
That with the cross, in armor
The elder brother of the Slavs stood up, “
and in November 1917 it was already completely different:
“Russia is over … At the end
We blundered her, chatted,
They crawled, drank, spit,
We froze in dirty squares
Sold out on the streets: no need
To the land, republics, but freedom,
Civil rights? And the people of the motherland
He dragged himself on the pus like carrion. “
Also three years with a little.

But throughout this story, Trump’s curses are noteworthy, comparable only to the curses of Gorbachev. And with the most severe curses, when the USSR until 1985 is portrayed as a happy Arcadia, in which nothing portends a storm, for there are no prerequisites for that either. But a labeled secretary general appeared and produced a geopolitical cataclysm – a great power collapsed.

The very swiftness of the collapse – and without a big war and without unheard of natural disasters – was more likely to lead to the idea that Gorbachev was not the only thing. Undoubtedly, his leadership strongly catalyzed decomposition processes, but even the genius of evil could hardly have started these processes from scratch. And Mikhail Sergeyevich is not a genius at all, but only a fussy secretary of the regional committee.

But the same is true in the USA. Suppose that a great overseas power is confidently following the path of the USSR – although many will disagree with such a categorical judgment. And let’s say that Trump’s leadership is at best “no matter what the fool does, he does everything wrong,” at worst he is a black villain and Putin’s agent.