Trump announced hundreds of thousands of violations that could change the outcome of the election

US President Donald Trump claims he has enough data to change the outcome of the presidential election, the winner of which was declared the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“… I cannot accept election results with hundreds of thousands of fake votes, which is enough to easily flip the election results,” Trump tweeted.

The tweet was Trump’s absentee response to GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, urging him to respect “the integrity of the electoral process.”

“Why is Joe Biden forming a cabinet so quickly when my investigators have uncovered hundreds of thousands of rigged votes, enough to turn at least four states over, which in turn is more than enough to win an election?” – added the US President, hoping that the courts will do what is necessary.

Voting in the US presidential elections took place on November 3. Most of the votes have been counted, but the results will be officially announced later. Based on the available data, the leading American media announced Biden’s victory, the Democratic candidate himself considers himself the elected president of the United States. Many world leaders have already congratulated him on his victory. Trump does not recognize the election results.

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