Trump announced the spread of the ideology of a “new extreme left fascism” in the United States

US President Donald Trump said supporters of the “new extreme left fascism” are trying to destroy the country’s history and values ​​achieved during the American Revolution, Fox News reports.

“A radical ideology attacking our country is advancing under the banner of social justice. Those who seek to destroy our heritage want the Americans to forget their pride and our great dignity, ”Trump said during a speech in South Dakota.

He explained what he means by representatives of such movements of radical activists who demolish monuments, engage in vandalism and advocate the destruction of family foundations.

According to the president, the goal of the radical groups is not the transformation of America, but “her death.”

In conclusion, he called on the citizens of the country “to protect and preserve their history, their heritage and their great heroes.”

The discussion on the destruction of the US cultural heritage among the radicals came amid protests against racism after the death of African-American George Floyd during his arrest.