Trump announced the victory of the United States in two “wonderful world wars”

US President Donald Trump spoke out against renaming military bases that bear the names of military leaders of the Confederation. According to him, this is a respect for American victories in world wars. He expressed this opinion in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, July 19.

“Fort Bragg, Fort Robert Lee – the forts had these names for a long time, decades. I don’t care what the military says. The decision must be made by me <…> No one even knows who the general of the [Confederation Braxton] Bragg is, ”said the American leader, adding that the United States became the winners in two“ wonderful world wars ”that won exactly from“ Fort Bragg “And other forts.

“And now they want to get rid of these names. I am against it, ”the president concluded.

At the same time, Trump threatened to veto the draft defense budget for fiscal 2021 if it contains a provision to rename forts.

In June, US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy expressed his readiness to hold discussions with representatives of Democrats and Republicans regarding the possible renaming of US military bases named after Confederate leaders. Pentagon chief Mark Esper also supported the discussion.

In the period from 1861 to 1865, the Confederation of the Southern States existed in the territory of modern USA. During the civil war in the country, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, there was a clash between representatives of the North and the slave-owning South, the Confederates. Southerners lost the war, which led to the abolition of slavery and forced labor. Despite this, some Confederate symbols remained in the southern states. Many Americans consider this to be racist, but advocates of preserving confederate symbols and names say it is an integral part of US history.