Trump announced victory in four important states

US President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election for a second term, said he won four important states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and, probably, Michigan. He wrote about this on his Twitter page.

“We announced for the electoral votes that we won in Pennsylvania, which does not admit legal observers, Georgia, North Carolina, each of whom has a great Trump leadership,” wrote the head of the White House.

The American leader added that he would have won a victory in Michigan, “if there were not a large number of secretly dropped ballots, as it was widely reported.”

Earlier, Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters filed lawsuits demanding to stop the counting of votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Republicans also filed a lawsuit against Democrats for alleged violations of electoral law regarding the identification of voters who vote by mail.

The United States continues to count votes for candidates for the presidency of the country. The current head of state, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who served as vice president under Barack Obama, are fighting for the top post. In many states, the difference between presidential contenders is tenths of a percent.

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