Trump answered the question about the US withdrawal from NATO

US President Donald Trump answered the question about the country’s withdrawal from NATO in an interview with The Washington Post.

The American leader admitted that he was not going to withdraw the United States from NATO, but member countries must pay dues. “There were those who paid almost nothing, and now they are paying. And they asked me an important question: “Would you leave if …”. And I replied: “Yes, I would leave.” And if I didn’t answer like that, they would not pay, ”said the head of the White House.

Earlier, Donald Trump criticized the country’s NATO allies and urged them to increase their defense spending. According to the head of state, he will not be satisfied until all member countries of the organization begin to fulfill their obligations. Trump believes that a total of eight NATO nations have so far brought defense spending to a set figure of two percent. In particular, the president is dissatisfied with Germany’s military spending.