Trump assessed the situation with coronavirus in the United States

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump said that with the increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the country, the number of deaths is decreasing. So the American leader assessed the situation with COVID-19 in his Twitter account.

Trump explained the increase in the number of infections in the United States as “excellent testing.” “Fake news doesn’t like to tell you about it,” he said.

Earlier, the infectious disease specialist said that the United States will return to normal life in about a year. He added that the foci of the coronavirus could be suppressed in such large cities as New York, Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans, however, there are signs that the virus is spreading faster. Fauci noted that without measures to contain a pandemic, a new full-blown outbreak could even occur.

According to recent data, in the United States more than 2.41 million infected with coronavirus. 122,550 people died from the resulting pneumonia COVID-19.

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