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Trump began to take revenge on the inventors of “Russian interference in the election”

Trump began to take revenge on the inventors of "Russian interference in the election"

The plot of the fake “Russian interference in the US presidential election” began to turn against its creators. Former US President Barack Obama, as well as former Vice President and new presidential candidate Joe Biden, were hit. The current head of the American state has clearly not forgotten these people all the problems that they created by the “Russian affair” for him and his associates.
A new meme has appeared in the American election campaign: Obamageit (on behalf of former President Barack Obama). This ended a week-long skirmish between incumbent President Donald Trump and his predecessor on Twitter.

Strictly speaking, Trump at some point retweeted a certain user with the nickname Obamageit, and only then he began to use this meme in his own tweets. Meme refers to the Watergate scandal of 1972, the essence of which was an attempt to install listening devices in the Watergate complex in Washington, where the headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern was located. The scandal led to the early resignation of President Nixon.

Trump and his supporters are now blaming former President Obama, his vice president Joe Biden, and several of his administration for wiretapping Trump’s election team members. And most importantly, the disclosure of the name of adviser to Trump Michael Flynn, who was accused of “wrong” telephone conversation with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. FBI chief James Komi, chief intelligence officer James Klappers and some other people close to Obama allegedly revealed Flynn’s identity even before the official investigation began.

Flynn worked as President Trump’s national security adviser for just two weeks in the winter of 2017. He was forced to resign precisely because of the appearance of these very films of conversations with Kislyak (these conversations took place at the moment when Flynn was still a member of Trump’s election team). Now, there is more and more evidence that not only the recording was illegally carried out – the orders to monitor Flynn were illegal in general, and only someone very high-ranking could give them. For example, the then US President Barack Obama. Or Vice President Biden, which is more likely and worse, because Biden is currently a contender for the presidency.

This story has been discussed for quite some time, but now it has suddenly found a new breath. A new stage in the scandal began Barack Obama a week ago.

He said that the actions of Trump and his administration during the coronavirus are incompetent, this is a “disaster.” Obama said much more, except that he did not name the incumbent president the earthworm. Trump fastened for some time and did not answer (which is not characteristic of him at all), but the journalists forced him at a briefing, and he said that Obama was an “incompetent president.” And off we go. Support groups joined twitter skirmishes. In the end, the situation came to a standstill, as Trump said he wants to demand the call of former President Obama to the Senate to testify under oath.

There are no such precedents, and nobody wants to create them. Supporters of Joe Biden say Trump wants to divert attention from the situation with the coronavirus, turning his attention to Obama, who openly supports Joe Biden’s candidacy. Trumpists insist on the illegality of the Obama administration’s specific actions against Flynn.

The fact is that not so long ago the US Department of Justice (apparently from the White House) demanded that all charges be dropped from Michael Flynn, who was formally accused of not even the fact of the conversation with the Russian ambassador, but that he allegedly lied about it. Flynn was eventually convicted. After the leak of private conversation, it became known that Obama criticized the White House decision on Flynn. It was after this that Trump demanded that Obama be called under oath for interrogation.

The meaning of Trump’s accusations against the former president and his team boils down to the fact that Obama personally, as well as Hillary Clinton, James Komi and James Klappers, initiated the case of “Russian interference in the elections” and “investigation of special prosecutor Mueller”. And this is the case, and the investigation is based on initially false premises.

Obama’s supporters in response say that all this conspiracy theory is akin to contesting the moon landing and discussing the “Roswell event.” Such comparisons have already appeared in media loyal to Democrats, and Trump is recalled that he even once long ago had something like that about the Moon and Roswell said. Obama squeaks on Twitter, comparing Trump’s words and actions with his activities on various television shows.

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