Trump-Biden: the fight for every vote

Trump changed the country – this is my personal opinion.

He came with the slogan for change after eight years of the first black Democrat President Barack Obama, and change has happened. Unfortunately, not for the best. And the coronavirus has nothing to do with it. Or is it all the same? – It depends on how you look at it – there are opposite opinions on this issue.

Did he drain the “Washington swamp?” – No, this swamp has become radicalized, so much so that the parties do not hear each other at all. Having relied on the forceful solution of racial problems, the tacit support of the Supremacists, supporters of the white race, Trump split society into two warring camps. Moreover, on Tuesday night, during the first presidential debate, he authorized them to fight for America. He was asked to condemn them, he answered on the contrary:

“Proud Boys (pro-fascist neo-Nazi organization) – step back and wait,” he urged ..

The Nazi leaders heard him and replied on their website: “Let’s go and wait!” And they have already released a $ 30 T-shirt and a $ 40 hoodie with the slogan “PROUD BOYS STANDING BY”.

  • Are they waiting for the team to beat the peaceful demonstrators who stand up for their rights? Could this confrontation lead to civil war? I have no answer…

In 2020, a society sensitive to racial injustice reacted with massive protests. Prior to this, cases of excessive police violence had occurred on a regular basis, but if the authorities reacted correctly and the guilty police officers were suspended, fired or even convicted, the society made these fair decisions. But when the White House clearly indicated support for white police officers who improperly use violence against blacks, and the forced isolation due to the coronavirus, the loss of millions of jobs provoked a social explosion, people took to the streets. This year all major cities were on fire. Is it Trump’s fault – ask yourself!

America is not perfect. Many problems have not been solved for decades. Among the black population, there are whole generations of those who have never worked and lived on benefits, which, you see, is quite humiliating. Instead of a serious solution to problems, the authorities followed the simplest path – they allocated funds for social assistance, gave benefits to those who entered colleges and universities, but by and large were indifferent to the problems of the black part of society. But one day these problems will have to be solved, and not at all by such a president as Trump, because the emphasis on the siloviki and white nationalists is a road to a dead end.

In this regard, his envy of the Russian President V.V. Putin wants to be the president of the security forces, which he openly stated in a debate with D. Biden, claiming that he is supported by the police and other security agencies, as well as the army.

Trump unequivocally supports Israel as a US ally in the Middle East, even more so than the leaders of Europe, and rightly so. Trump speaks well of Vladimir Putin – Biden even called him “Putin’s puppy” in the debates. The conclusion seemed to suggest that Trump is a friend of Israel and Russia. Does this mean that we as expats from the Union should vote for Trump? My friends overwhelmingly say yes, but I’m not sure about that. Let me explain why.

Trump constantly has a substitution of concepts, in words one thing, but things are completely different …

If we talk about business, Russia under Trump has picked up more sanctions than during the entire Obama presidency. Including sanctions on Nord Stream 2, where the main problem is not Europe, but the US Congress and Senate, and of course Trump. The reason for the sanctions is Russian policy towards Ukraine.

With Israel, things are different, Trump’s help to Israel was very significant, but statements and actions are not always correct. However, the inhabitants of the United States are all emigrants, in the first, second or tenth generation, and they consider themselves primarily Americans, although they are not indifferent to the homeland of their ancestors.

In meetings with Jews, Trump claims Israel is your country, but these statements are strongly denounced by American Jews as anti-Semitic.
To argue that, because of their nationality, Jews are more loyal to Israel than the United States is the same as to argue that American Belarusians are loyal to Lukashenka, and not to America, and emigrants from the USSR – especially Ukrainians, are loyal to Putin.

So the correspondent of The Guardian Keith Aronoff writes: “… Donald Trump … actually identified about 7.5 million American Jews as persons with dual citizenship and double loyalty. This is an anti-Semitic stereotype with a long and ugly history. It was this logic that helped unleash the bloody pogroms from which my great-grandfather fled from Eastern Europe. “