Trump by his decree forbade American policemen to suffocate

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump signed a decree on police reform, which forbade law enforcement officers to use asphyxiation when detaining suspects, unless there is a danger to the lives of the police themselves. This was stated by the head of the White House himself, whose speech was broadcast by American television channels.

“Asphyxiation is prohibited. The exception is when the life of a police officer is at risk, ”Trump said.

The decree notes that US authorities will provide grants to train police officers to teach them how to resolve conflicts peacefully, and any use of force by law enforcement officers will be considered by the authorities.

Donald Trump also noted that he agrees with the desire of Congress to develop a series of regulations that would regulate the work of the police. The President expressed the hope that the bills will be developed and adopted, and will also become more ambitious than his decree.

At the same time, he emphasized that he was still categorically against cutting the budgets of law enforcement agencies and dispersing certain local police departments.

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