Trump called a book about him written by his niece a lie

US President Donald Trump called the book of his niece Mary Trump “Too Much and Never Not Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World”, which sold 950,000 copies on its first day. The American leader expressed this opinion in an interview with Fox News.

“She [Mary] is hardly a favorite in our family. We didn’t have much respect or sympathy for her. I would never say that if she had not written such a stupid, terrible and deceitful book, ”the president said.

He stressed that in Mary’s book he is more offended by the attacks “on his father and lack of kindness towards his mother.” Trump also said that he devoted little time to his niece.

The day before, the US president complained on Twitter about recently published books by his niece Mary Trump and former national security assistant John Bolton.

According to the head of state, Bolton, “a worthless scarecrow and a rattling fool,” released the book to “inspire at least some confidence in himself and make some money.” Trump also drew attention to the fact that the former National Security Assistant violated the law by publicizing a huge amount of classified information in the book, and a non-disclosure agreement. The owner of the White House expressed confidence that ultimately the government will get Bolton’s fee.

Mary Trump is the 55-year-old daughter of Donald Trump’s late brother Fred.

John Bolton, a former national security adviser to the president, was fired from the American administration in September 2019, when Trump said that he and his team members did not agree with many of the politician’s proposals. He authored the controversial book The Room Where It Happened: Memories of the White House.