Trump called for a year in jail for setting fire to the US flag

10 months ago

U.S. President Donald Trump at a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, announced the need for a law that would introduce liability for setting the American flag on fire in the form of one year imprisonment. A video of the speech was posted on Twitter by the head of state on Sunday, June 21.

“Two days ago, left-wing radicals in Portland, Oregon, demolished a statue of George Washington, wrapped it in an American flag and set fire to an American flag. We must pass a law that if someone burns an American flag, he goes to prison for one year, ”Trump said.

On July 4, in Washington, an hour before Trump’s Independence Day speech, protesters set fire to two American flags at the White House. Police detained three of several dozen protesters.

The detainees are supporters of the US Revolutionary Communist Party. Activists shouted anti-government slogans, including “A World Without America.” One of the detainees was Gregory Johnson, who already burned the American flag in 1989, but then reached the Supreme Court and won the case. In 2016, he burned the US flag at a congress of Republicans, and in 2018 received compensation of $ 225 thousand for illegal detention.

Protests and riots in the United States began after the death of African American George Floyd. The man died after the tough actions of the police during the detention.

The incident caused widespread public outcry, people opposed racism and abuse of power by the police.

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