Trump called himself a “lone warrior”, he was ridiculed in a social network

US President Donald Trump called himself a lone warrior on a social network. For this, he was ridiculed by users in the comments.

The reaction of users of the social network can be found in the comments on Trump’s publication on his Twitter page in which he wrote “THE LONE WARRIOR” (the lone warrior).

In particular, in the comments, Trump was called a “lone idiot” and a “lone traitor”.

Also, the president was accused of racism.

Users reminded Trump that his main battle was the battle with the coronavirus, in which he showed himself to be “the worst warrior of all ages.”

In addition, the US president was also reminded that he had never been in the war, and in his youth escaped military service during the Vietnam War.

Trump was also written in the comments that during the recent protests in front of the White House he was hiding in a special bunker.

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