Trump called mask-wearing Americans patriots

US President Donald Trump called Americans patriots who wear medical masks during the coronavirus pandemic. He wrote about this on Twitter.

According to the American leader, many citizens express an opinion about the patriotism of using personal protective equipment in conditions where it is difficult to maintain social distance. “There is no one more patriotic than me, your beloved president!” – he boasted, attaching a photo where he is captured in a mask.

Trump added that Americans are united in a common effort to combat China’s invisible virus.

Earlier, the owner of the White House said that he would not advise all Americans to wear medical masks. He noted that he wants people to have a certain freedom.

Trump has been in public wearing a mask only once – when he visited Walter Reed Hospital in the suburbs of Washington last weekend. Before that, for a long time, he did not wear a mask, but he claimed that, having put on a mask on his face, he looked like a character in Westerns. He admitted that he once wore a black protective mask and even liked the way he looked in it.