Trump called Merkel stupid and boasted of his genius, – CNN

US President Donald Trump often abused women politicians during international calls. In particular, he called the stupid German chancellor Angela Merkel

This is discussed in the material on the CNN website.

The author of the article is journalist Karl Bernstein. In 1972, he played a key role in covering the Watergate Scandal, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The author of the article claims that the article was written based on the results of many months of conversations with officials of the White House and special services who were present during the conversations or were familiar with their transcripts.

The material contains information about how Trump behaved during conversations and what he talked with leaders of foreign states

This article is based on insider information. So, insiders argue that Trump was often not ready for important international phone calls. Instead of competence in certain government issues, Trump “continued to believe that he could either charm or intimidate almost any foreign leader, and often pursued goals more adapted to his own agenda than what many of his elders advisers were considered national interests. ”

More often than not, Trump spoke on the phone with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There were times when Erdogan called the White House twice a week

Often in conversations with foreign leaders, Trump spoke about personal uniqueness, achievements in the presidential chair, and also emphasized his genius. In particular, Trump spoke about his genius to the royal heir to Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, and the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. To emphasize his accomplishments, Trump pointed to the “idiocy” of his predecessors, especially Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Trump often humiliated the leaders of America’s allies. Most often, he criticized and made sexist remarks against former British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. About May Trump said that she lacked the courage, and about Merkel, that she was stupid.

“Some of the things he said about Angela Merkel are simply unbelievable: he called her“ stupid ”and accused her of being“ in the pocket of the Russians ”… He’s cruel (in phone calls) to those whom he considers weak, and compliant with those with whom he should be tough, ”one source said.

One German official confirmed that Trump’s calls were “so unusual” that special measures were taken in Berlin to ensure that their contents were kept secret.

The official described Trump’s behavior with Merkel in calls as “very aggressive” and said that the circle of German officials who monitor Merkel’s calls with Trump has declined.

But Merkel always remained calm and calm, despite the attacks of Trump, but could resist his “riot”.

But May could not resist the accusations and insults of Trump, she became “excited and nervous.”

Trump also regularly abused other country leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

At the same time, Trump talked very respectfully with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He explained this by saying that Russia is an “important and major player” in the world arena.

The material confirmed the information that Bolton had previously published: “Trump constantly linked his personal interests – especially with a view to re-election and revenge against alleged critics, and political enemies – with national interests.”

Following the release of the material, White House Deputy Spokeswoman Sarah Matthews said:

“President Trump is a world-class negotiator who has consistently promoted America’s interests on the world stage. From negotiations on the first phase of the agreement with China and from the USMCA to NATO allies who contribute and defeat ISIS, President Trump has shown his ability to advance America’s strategic interests. ”