Trump called the reason for the exclusion of Russia from the G8

Former US President Barack Obama insisted that Russia be expelled from the G8, as Moscow completely outplayed Washington in the foreign policy arena. This reason was named by the head of the United States Donald trump on his Twitter.

“Russia completely outplayed him [Joe Biden] and Obama, when they were in power, beat him so hard that Obama wanted to make sure that they were not in the G8, which at that time was called that. The United States was weak in everything, but especially in relation to Russia, ”Trump wrote.

Earlier on June 28, it was reported that a candidate from the US Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential election, Joe Biden, urged not to invite Russia to join the G7, if the information published by The New York Times about Moscow’s alleged interaction with Afghan militants is true. He also accused Trump of knowing for several months about this dangerous interaction for Washington and did not impose any sanctions for the grossest violation of international law.

Donald Trump at the end of May announced a decision to postpone the G7 summit until the fall and invite several third-party states to it. In addition to Russia, it was about Australia, South Korea and India. The American president explained that, in his opinion, the G7 is not sufficiently representative of what is happening in the world, and is an “obsolete group” of countries. Against such a decision were the countries of the European Union and Canada.

Until 2014, Russia was a member of the G8, but was excluded from it by the decision of other members of the group after the annexation of Crimea. That continued its existence in the G7 format.