Trump called the shame the actions of the detainees George Floyd police

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump called shame the act of the police who took part in the detention of black George Floyd, who later died. He said this in an interview with Fow News.

The American leader urged not to judge all law enforcement officers by the tragedy in Minneapolis. “These eight minutes were not just awful, they were a shame. People are starting to wonder if all the police are like that. (…) This is not so, ”the head of state said. In his opinion, most policemen are good people.

Trump added that law enforcement officers undergo thorough training to do the right thing in critical situations, one of which was the detention of Floyd.

Earlier, Trump called four measures, which, in his opinion, should help to rectify the situation with the unrest in the country. He promised to work on the economic well-being of minorities, to tackle the problem of unequal access to medical services, to make the police more consistent with professional standards and not to deprive them of funding.

Dozens of US cities are hosting mass protests, accompanied by riots and clashes with police over the death of Floyd. In some states, they grew into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting and arson. Protesters accuse police and racist prejudices in society of what happened.

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