Trump came up with a new name for coronavirus and offended China again

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump used the new term to describe the coronavirus pandemic and offended China again. Speaking of COVID-19, Trump made a reference to the martial art of kung fu, writes The Guardian.

At a pre-election meeting with his followers in Tulsa (Oklahoma), the head of the White House compared a new type of coronavirus to kung fu, coined the name kung flu (flu – English), thereby sending to Chinese martial art.

“This disease has the largest number of names in history. I can remember kung flu and about 19 more names. Many call it just a virus. Many call the flu. What is the difference? We have about 19-20 different versions of the name of the coronavirus, ”he said.

Earlier, Trump repeatedly called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” which outraged many civil liberty advocates who claim that such a language could cause outbreaks of racism and violence against Asian Americans. The US President defended his wording regarding the connection of the virus with China. Speaking at a daily briefing of the coronavirus task force in March, he said they were not racist: “He [the virus] is from China. I want to be precise. ”

Beijing has been criticized in Washington more than once. In March, Trump accused China of not informing the world community about the outbreak of coronavirus. According to him, it would be better if the authorities of other countries knew about this a few months earlier.

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