Trump claims on Twitter that he won the election

Trump claims on Twitter that he won the election

Late on Sunday night, U.S. President Donald Trump categorically stated in his new tweet that he had won the election. Twitter immediately marked the post as a fairy tale information.

Twitter was the culmination of a long day during which Trump tried to cancel the recognition of Joe Biden’s victory. Trump’s previous comments gave some critics and supporters hope that the White House was ready to start working on the transfer of power to the new team, but later it became clear that this would not happen immediately.

Trump refuses to recognize the Democrat’s victory and unsuccessfully tries to gain recognition of his victory because, he said, the elections were rigged. But he can’t provide any proof of this.

“He won only in the eyes of news readers. I am not conceding anything. We have a long way to go. It was a rigged election,” Trump later tweeted.

Biden defeated Trump, winning three states on the battlefield: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and exceeded the electoral threshold of 270 votes. According to Associated Press, Biden currently has 78.8 million votes against Trump’s 73.1 million.