Trump condemned the “new left fascism”

Supporters of the “new extreme left fascism” in the United States want to destroy the country’s history and “overthrow the American revolution.” This was announced on Friday, July 3, in the evening, US President Donald Trump, speaking in South Dakota at a celebration in honor of Independence Day. The speech of the head of state was broadcast on the White House’s Facebook page.

Trump devoted his speech to protest movements in the United States, whose participants demolish monuments to historical figures. “Our country is a witness to a ruthless campaign to destroy our history, slander our heroes, erase our values ​​and indoctrinate our children. Angry groups are trying to tear down the statues of our founders, ”he said.

According to the Republican, the organizers of these actions are trying to prove that the people of the United States are weak and humble, but this is not so.

Those who turned their anger at the monuments “seek to break the bonds of love and fidelity” that Americans have for the USA and for each other. “Their goal is not the best America. Their goal is to end America, ”he added.

The manifestation of “this new extreme left-wing fascism requires absolute loyalty” and, in essence, is totalitarianism and is needed by the instigators of the riots to “overthrow the American revolution,” he concluded.

In late June, it became known that the US authorities detained more than 100 people for participating in the riots and causing damage to federal property.

On June 23, Trump promised to defend national monuments from protesters and riots. He authorized the arrest of everyone who attempts to commit an act of vandalism against monuments and statues, and sentenced them to imprisonment for up to 10 years