Trump confirms China’s fulfillment of trade deal with US

President of the United States Donald Trump, during a speech at a campaign rally in Ohio, confirmed China’s implementation of a trade deal with the United States. At the same time, the head of the White House added that after the pandemic, the agreement lost its significance.

“I have a hard time with China <…> although they buy a lot of [American products] and this trade deal was incredible. In all fairness [I must say]: they (the Chinese authorities) adhere to it, “- quotes the words of the head of the White House TASS.

“The largest corn order in the history of our country. The largest order of soybeans. The largest order of cattle, “- Trump listed China’s steps in the trade deal.

“However,” said the head of the White House, “now it means less.” “If this pandemic, which they (the Chinese authorities) could stop, did not fall on us, it would mean a lot. But now it means much less to me, ”added Trump.

“I got along with President Xi (Chinese President Xi Jinping), but [now] I don’t know – after the [spread of the new coronavirus in the United States] happened,” said the head of the American administration.

Trump said last Wednesday that he had changed his attitude towards the trade deal with China due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In July, Trump announced a decline in the value of the trade deal with China for the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic. He also blamed China for spreading the coronavirus “to the whole world.”

In early July, Trump announced growing anger at China as the coronavirus spread. Earlier, Trump admitted that China deliberately infected the world with coronavirus. He also called the coronavirus “a very bad gift from China.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in turn, stated that the United States had evidence that China allegedly deliberately concealed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak. Pompeo has promised to punish China for hiding information about the coronavirus.

The head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said about Washington’s loss of reason, morality and trust.