Trump decided to pardon his family members before he left office

Trump decided to pardon his family members before he left office

Acting U.S. President Donald Trump may pardon several people from his entourage before he leaves office.

According to the sources, he decided to discuss this possibility with his assistants. Among the candidates for pardon are members of the president’s family: his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kouchner, who are advisers to Trump. According to the channel, the U.S. leader fears that he and his close associates could be harassed under the new administration of Democrat Joseph Biden.

It does not specify what charges Trump might be afraid of. The material shows that the president’s entourage believes that a preliminary pardon by the American leader will make it impossible to prosecute these people.

At the same time, some advisors to the US president believe that he may also pardon himself beforehand. One of the sources reminded that the 38th U.S. president Gerald Ford pardoned his predecessor as the head of state Richard Nixon. However, American political scientists believe that Trump cannot pardon himself.

Earlier, it was reported that the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump Ivanka thought about starting her own political career after her father resigned as head of state. She is currently serving as his advisor. She intends to strengthen her influence in Republican Party circles or run for a political office. However, the girl is still avoiding answering the question whether she aspires to the post of president.