Trump declared himself the winner in the US presidential election

American leader Donald Trump has issued a statement that he is the winner of the presidential election.

Prior to this, the head of the US White House said that his Democratic rival Joe Biden won because of falsified election results.

After that, Trump announced that he would not admit his own defeat, and Biden won the election only for the “false media.”

Trump tweeted the following today on Twitter:

“I won the elections!” – he declared.

However, the publication of the US leader received a fake mark from the social network itself.

“Official sources report different election results,” a Twitter footnote says.

Recall that the US presidential elections were held on November 3. The country’s leading media announced the winner of the Democratic Party representative Joe Biden, with which Donald Trump expressed his disagreement.

Earlier TopNews wrote that, according to media reports, 3 million votes in support of Trump were lost in the US elections. It was also reported that some of the votes were attributed to Biden.

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