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Trump declared war on Chinese airlines

Trump declared war on Chinese airlines

The US President signed a decree on the suspension of their flights between these countries.

The US leader called his decision a response to the actions of the Chinese leadership, which denied American airlines the right to resume flights in full. The U.S. ban comes into effect on June 16, but Trump has the right to speed up the process.

It is noted that American carriers were ready to return to their previous regime of work with China already on June 1. “We support and appreciate the actions of the US government to enforce our rights,” Delta Air Lines and United Airlines said in a joint release. It is known that the US Department of Transportation considers Beijing’s actions a violation of the International Air Transport Agreement.

At the end of May, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted 33 government and commercial organizations from China. The list includes institutions, universities and a number of high-tech companies. Nine organizations got into it because, in the opinion of the US authorities, they were involved in the violation of human rights in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the PRC. Twenty-four companies were introduced for involvement in activities “contrary to the interests of national security and US foreign policy.”

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