Trump defends golf as the workouts he does after doing all the work

Donald Trump defended the game of golf as training, while he notes that he goes on the field when he completes all current affairs.

“I know many in business and politics who work endlessly, in some cases to the point that they are exhausting themselves. This is their number one passion in life, but no one complains. My way to exercise is fast golf, ”Trump tweeted.

The president said he plays golf less than his predecessor, Barack Obama. He also believes that the media exaggerate the time he spends on it. “In fact, I play very fast, I also work a lot on the golf course,” the president wrote.

According to Trump Golf Count, the Commander-in-Chief has been on the golf course 261 times since becoming president on January 20, 2017, playing 125 times during these visits. Obama played 333 rounds of golf for two of his presidential terms.