Trump demanded that it be included in the Texas lawsuit to review the elections

Trump demanded that it be included in the Texas lawsuit to review the elections

U.S. President Donald Trump demanded that it be included in Texas’ lawsuit for election review. This was stated in a petition filed with the Supreme Court by the U.S. leader’s lawyers.

Trump asked to be included in the lawsuit as a private person – a presidential candidate.

“Officials in each of the defendant states have changed or failed to comply with state laws in the 2020 elections,” the current president said in a statement.

Earlier, Texas authorities demanded that the results of presidential elections in four “wobbly states” that helped to win Democrat Joe Biden be declared null and void. In a lawsuit, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the vote in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan was held in violation of the constitution because the authorities there illegally changed the electoral law under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic.

Seventeen U.S. states with Republicans in power have sent a document to the Supreme Court supporting the motion to review the vote. Among them: Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Oklahoma and West Virginia. According to the text of the petition on the U.S. Supreme Court website, these states did not join the lawsuit, but merely expressed an opinion in support of the plaintiff.

According to preliminary results, Democrat Biden won the presidential election, but President Donald Trump does not recognize the results and challenges them in the courts.