Trump demanded to send Obama to jail for “the biggest political crime”

11 months ago

Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News called for interrogation of former US President Barack Obama in the case of an investigation into the alleged collusion of Trump with the Russian authorities.
The head of the White House said that this was not Moscow, but Barack Obama and his associates tried to influence the results of the presidential election in 2016, which means that they all should go to jail.

According to Trump, Obama then secretly launched a campaign to discredit the candidate. It is these actions that the head of the White House considers the largest political crime in US history.

Donald Trump: “This is the largest political crime in the history of our country. All who are involved in it, all these schemers-democrats, all of them should be behind bars for a long time. What happened is a shame for the country. This is a real scam, pure hoax. The people who stood behind this should go to jail, and many of the team of the previous president will do it. Everyone who stood behind it. This is all Obama. This is Biden. These people are mired in corruption. They tried to overthrow the legitimately elected president. We seem to have caught them. ”

Trump added that during the reign of Obama, US intelligence agencies collected incriminating evidence on him, tapped phones and read e-mail. The head of the White House called the team of the ex-president of the United States enemies of the people.

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