Trump demanded to test Biden for drugs

United States presidential candidate Joe Biden is due to take a drug test, incumbent President Donald Trump said on Fox News on Tuesday.

“I will go through this too. I believe he should take a drug test. He accepts something that gives him some clarity. Look at him. Maybe it’s a lot of coffee, maybe it’s 15 cups of coffee, ”RIA Novosti reports his words.

He added that in the debates during the primaries, Biden, in his opinion, unexpectedly began to perform better.

“Something was strange in my opinion. I will not say that, but many believe that something is happening. And you can’t do that, ”added Trump.

In addition, Trump felt that Russia might want Biden to win in the upcoming elections.

“Russia may want Biden to be elected. Nobody except me led such a policy towards Russia, nobody. This is a gas pipeline and strengthening of the armed forces. We have become the world’s largest country in terms of energy resources, and now we are completely independent of energy imports, “TASS reports.

The US head also added that “Obama supplied [Ukraine] with pillows, and I gave them anti-tank weapons, and this is a big difference in approaches to Ukraine.”

“Therefore, I think that Russia would also like this, but we will wait until the elections,” he said.

At the same time, touching upon the issue of climate change in the world, Trump named Russia among the countries that “are not taking sufficient measures.”

“There are many countries, large countries, that are not doing what they should be doing. The Chinese are emitting huge amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere, and Russia, by the way, is doing the same, and so is India, ”he said.

Earlier, Trump spoke of Biden’s poor condition and accused him of stealing the economic program.

A New York Times and Siena New Hampshire poll, conducted September 8-10 among 814 people, showed Biden’s lead of just 3%. A day earlier, a Rasmussen Reports poll, conducted September 7-8 among 1,000 voters, showed Trump to lead 2% in North Carolina.

The US elections will be held on November 3.

We will remind, in the US Republican Party doubted the ability of 77-year-old Biden to live until the inauguration in case of his victory in the elections.