10 months ago

Trump did not agree with the Fed’s forecasts on the US economy

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump did not agree with the forecasts of the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) on the country’s economy in 2020.

“The Federal Reserve is so wrong. I also see the numbers and do it much better than they are. We will have a very good third quarter, an excellent fourth quarter and one of the best in all time in 2021. We will also have a vaccine and medicine (for coronavirus) soon. This is my opinion, ”Trump wrote on his microblog on Twitter.

Earlier, the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) open market operations committee decided to maintain the base rate at 0-0.25%. All 17 committee members forecast the base rate in the current and 2021 years at the level of 0-0.25%. . In addition, the Fed worsened the forecast for the dynamics of US GDP this year. In 2020, a fall of 6.5% is forecasted instead of a growth of 2% according to the December forecast. Moreover, next year the regulator expects growth of 5% instead of 1.9%.

Also, the forecast for inflation in the United States was changed. In 2020, it is expected that the figure will be 0.8%, and not 1.9%, as previously expected. In 2021, the Fed predicts inflation at 1.6% instead of 2%.

Unemployment in the United States, according to the Fed’s forecast in 2020, will reach 9.3%, not 3.5%, as previously expected, and in 2021 the figure will be 6.5%, instead of 3.6%.

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