Trump dismissed the head of the cyber department for refusing to accept complaints about election fraud

U.S. President Donald Trump dismissed the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security Agency, Chris Krebs, for dismissing election fraud complaints.

President Trump fired Krebs on Tuesday after he openly rejected Trump’s allegations of election fraud on November 3. Trump tweeted, “Chris Krebs’ recent statement about the safety of the 2020 election was extremely inaccurate because of massive rule violations and fraud, including the voting of the deceased, as well as the exclusion of observers from polling stations, “voting crashes” when cars changed votes from Trump to Biden and much more. Thus, Chris Krebs was immediately dismissed as director of the Cyber Security Agency.

Shortly thereafter, Krebs issued a statement: “It is an honor to serve. We did everything right #Protect2020”.

Two sources told The Post that Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Ministry of Internal Security, resisted Krebs’ dismissal.

Krebs, a former head of Microsoft, has headed the agency since 2017 and recently launched the Rumor Control website to refute allegations of election fraud. The agency’s commission said Thursday that “the November 3 election was the safest in American history,” rejecting Trump’s allegations of widespread fraud.

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