Trump does not intend to “close” the US in the event of a second wave of a pandemic

12 months ago

In the event of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, President Donald Trump will not allow future outbreaks of infection to hit the economy again. This was announced by the head of the White House on the eve of May 21 during a visit to the Ford automobile plant in Michigan.

The American leader noted that the second wave of the disease can occur with a very high probability. At the same time, Trump emphasized that he was not going to introduce severe restrictions and close the country.

“This is a standard procedure. And we’re going to put out the fire. We are not going to close the country, ”the head of state said, as he is confident that the country is able to contain the new outbreaks of COVID-19.

As REGNUM reported earlier, Robert Redfield, the head of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the USA, said that a new outbreak of the spread of coronavirus infection is possible in the US this fall or winter. According to him, this may contribute to the introduction of another self-isolation regime in the country.

We add that, according to Johns Hopkins University on May 21, the total number of coronavirus infected in the United States exceeded 1,551 million people. Moreover, over 23 thousand new cases of infection with coronavirus infection were detected in the last day. The total number of victims of COVID-19 reached 93.4 thousand people, over 294 thousand patients recovered.

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