Trump estimated the cost of drugs in the United States

US President Donald Trump, in pursuit of popular votes, signed an executive presidential decree to cut drug prices in the United States.

According to National Public Radio (NPR), the decree aims to tie the price of prescription drugs in the United States for older Americans to the price of similar drugs in other developed countries. We are talking about making changes to the state social program Medicare, under which elderly citizens are provided with the necessary medicines.

From now on, their cost cannot be overstated by insurance companies and be more than in countries with similar macroeconomic indicators to the United States. If this happens, Medicare will not pay for these drugs. It is known that in Europe and even neighboring countries of the United States – Mexico and Canada – drug prices are significantly lower than in America. And leading US pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer Inc., Johnson & Johnson, are making hundreds of billions of dollars from overpriced medicines.

“It is unacceptable for Americans to pay more for the same drugs that are produced in the same places,” says the text of the Trump decree.