10 months ago

Trump expressed hope for justice in the case of African-American Brooks

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump expressed the hope that justice will prevail in the case of the death of African American Reichard Brooks. He said this in an interview with Fox News on June 18.

The American leader said that he was aware of the words of police lawyer Garrett Rolfe, claiming that the law enforcement officer heard a “sound like a shot.” Rolfe is known to have shot Brooks in the back several times.

Trump noted that he was not sure of the veracity of the lawyer’s testimony, but expressed the hope that Rolfe would be judged honestly.

“I think this is a terrible situation, but you cannot resist the police. <…> I hope that his (police officer’s – Ed.) Actions will receive a fair assessment, because recently in our country they are unfair to policemen, ”The Hill quotes him.

The Brooks incident occurred on June 12 in Atlanta, Georgia. Police officers tried to detain a 27-year-old African American when he was in the car line at a fast food restaurant. The man resisted, took a stun gun from one of the policemen and, allegedly, tried to use it against law enforcement officers. One of the guards wounded Brooks, he died in the hospital.

The death of a man caused a second wave of protests in Atlanta. Erika Shields, the city police chief, then resigned, and Rolfe was charged with murder.

The first wave of protests broke out after the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota). At the end of May, the police received a complaint against him; during his arrest, one of them squeezed Floyd’s neck. Later, the man died in intensive care from asphyxiation. The police officers involved in the incident were fired, one of them was accused of reckless killing. On June 3, the Minnesota attorney general indicted three more police officers in the Floyd case.

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