Trump expressed sympathy for the toughest leaders

US President Donald Trump spoke about his ability to get along best with the world’s toughest leaders. This is reported by Axios with reference to an interview with journalist Bob Woodward.

It is noted that Trump, in an interview, expressed sympathy for some leaders who are prone to authoritarianism. “I got along very well with Erdogan, although it was not supposed to be, because everyone around says: ‘What a terrible guy!’ But, you know, for me this is a good indicator. It’s funny that the tougher and angrier the opponent is, the better I get along with him, ”said the American president.

Trump says he is less interested in simpler leaders. For example, Woodward claims that Trump consistently spoke derogatoryly about the South Korean leader in contrast to the heads of Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, Trump called Russian leader Vladimir Putin “a world-class chess player.” Trump said there are several other world leaders along with Putin, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Trump added that former US Vice President Joe Biden will not be able to work with them on an equal footing if he wins the presidential election, as his best years in political career “were not so wonderful.”