Trump first appeared in a mask in public

President Donald Trump visited the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday – and put on his mask for the first time in public after months of canceling this measure.

“I think when you are in the hospital, especially in that particular environment where you are talking with the soldiers, and some of them just left the operating table, it’s right to put on a mask. I have never been against masks, but I believe that there is time and place for them, ”Trump told reporters before his visit.

The president was seen masked while walking with masked employees at a medical center in Bethesda, Maryland. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, journalists shot Trump with a covered face – contrary to the recommendations of the health experts of his own administration, he stubbornly refused to wear a mask.

According to CNN, Trump’s consent to put on the mask publicly was the result of the “insistent request” of assistants who called on the president to set an example for his supporters.