Trump found signs of fraudulent US elections

Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the November 3 presidential election in the United States because it was rigged, according to incumbent American leader Donald Trump.

As he wrote on Sunday on his Twitter, the Republican observers were not allowed to count the votes, and the counting itself was entrusted to the private company Dominion, owned by the radical left. Trump noted that the company has a “bad reputation” and “terrible equipment.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign headquarters had to close a hotline set up to receive reports of possible cases of electoral fraud. The reason was numerous false calls.

According to US media reports, the callers, mostly supporters of Democrats, taunt employees, pointed out the evidence of Biden’s victory, and then hung up. The hotline worked for only a week. Now Trump’s headquarters is proposing to report electoral fraud not by phone, but through a special website.

Trump himself the day before for the first time admitted that in January of next year he would have to leave the White House.