Trump found the amount of coronavirus aid to Americans shameful

Trump found the amount of coronavirus aid to Americans shameful

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized and refused to sign the new economic support law: in his opinion, the amount of coronavirus aid to Americans – checks for $600 each – is shamefully small compared to the large spending on foreign aid. He posted a video of the speech on Twitter.

The president spent several minutes listing the recipients of U.S. foreign aid and the various areas the project would send money to – including museums in Washington, fisheries and support for undocumented migrants. He then complained that “the taxpayers who work in sweat will only get $600 each,” and that not enough money is allocated to help small businesses.

“Congress has plenty of money for foreign governments, lobbyists and special needs, but sends as little as possible to ordinary Americans who need it. It’s not their fault for the pandemic, it’s China’s fault,” Trump said. He ended his speech by urging lawmakers to raise the payments to $2,000.

The more than $900 billion stimulus bill was previously approved by Congress. Democrats and Republicans have long been unable to agree on a new package. New U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said his first order of business would be to fight the coronavirus epidemic – vaccinating and restoring the economy.

The U.S. now outpaces all other countries with more than 18.2 million cases and more than 322,000 deaths.