Trump gave his farewell speech

Trump gave his farewell speech

U.S. President Donald Trump on his last day in office gave a farewell speech.

Trump named reasons for pride and reminded of the good of the nation
According to the president, he feels particularly proud that he did not start any new war. As Vice President Mike Pence noted a day earlier, the Trump administration is the first in decades under which the country has not engaged in a new military conflict.

Trump stressed that he had established new U.S. treaties with other countries and confronted China “on a historic scale” with new sanctions. In addition, he recalled, his administration has eliminated a number of unnecessary regulatory measures, thereby creating jobs and reducing taxes.

Trump said he has been able to restore U.S. strength at home and abroad, including by pouring $3 trillion into modernizing the military. He has secured better terms with both Latin American nations and NATO nations – and now fears losing confidence in the nation’s greatness.

“We pray for the success of the new administration in keeping America safe and prosperous. We wish them well and we also wish them good luck – it’s important,” he said. The name of Democrat Joseph Biden, who won the presidential election, was not mentioned in the speech.

The reason for pride was the fight against the coronavirus
According to Trump, the U.S. has handled SARS-CoV-2, which he calls “the Chinese virus,” with dignity: creating two vaccines in no time at all, thus manifesting a “medical miracle.” “It would have taken another administration three, four, five, maybe up to 10 years to create a vaccine. We did it in nine months,” the outgoing president said.

On behalf of the U.S. state, he said he mourned the loss of life and intended to end the pandemic “once and for all.”

Trump recalled that the authorities have taken unprecedented measures to support the pandemic and launched “the fastest economic recovery program in history. We are talking about $4 trillion in economic aid, supporting and preserving more than 50 million jobs and substantially reducing unemployment.