11 months ago

Trump has changed attitude towards a trade deal with China due to a pandemic

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he began to relate to the trade deal with China in a completely different way after a global outbreak of coronavirus, Fox News reports.

“Now I have a different attitude to this deal than three months ago,” the president said. “We’ll see what happens next.”

“It was very exciting, one of the biggest deals ever made. But as soon as the virus appeared, I asked,“ How did they allow it? ”Trump said.

“Why did they block its distribution from Wuhan to other parts of China, but did not block its distribution to other parts of the world?” He added.

The first-phase trade agreement between Washington and Beijing was signed on January 15. As part of the deal, China pledged to increase purchases of US goods from the base level of 2017 by $ 200 billion over two years.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated tensions between the two largest economies in the world. The Trump administration is considering ways to possibly punish or receive financial compensation from China for allegedly concealing information about the virus.

Trump previously banned the federal government pension fund from investing in Chinese companies, which, according to his administration, pose a threat to national security.

White House chief economic adviser Larry Cadlow said China will “be held responsible” for its response to the coronavirus, despite a bargain.

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