Trump has closed the gap with Biden in parallel TV appearances

US chief of staff Donald Trump narrowed the ratings gap with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in parallel TV appearances, final estimates by Nielsen Research Service show.

According to the American edition USA Today, the meeting of the Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden with the voters, which was broadcast by the ABC television company, was watched by 14.1 million US residents on Thursday evening. The event, featuring the incumbent US president, was broadcast by NBC and attracted 13.5 million viewers. The broadcast of the Democrat’s meeting lasted two hours, including a half-hour analysis after the end. The republican’s event lasted one hour, reports TASS.

US presidential candidates held events on Thursday separately instead of a face-to-face second round of pre-election debates. This round was canceled due to Trump’s infection with a new type of coronavirus.

Recall, according to preliminary data from Nielsen, Biden’s speech on ABC was watched by 12.7 million people, while Trump’s on NBC – 10.4 million. This figure does not include MSNBC, which also broadcast Trump’s speech.

Earlier, data from a poll by CNBC and the sociological company Change Research showed that Biden’s chances of winning after the first debate with Trump have grown.

The first debate between the current US presidential candidates was called the dirtiest in history by the American media. At the same time, Trump said that he liked the first debate with Biden. The US general election will be held on November 3.