Trump has signed a police reform order, but this may not be enough

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) signed on Tuesday an executive order that will amend the work of the police. It prescribes the adoption of new standards for the use of force following protests over the deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans at the hands of law enforcement officials.

The order also called for the creation of a national database that would allow departments to track potential employees with abuse records, and mental health professionals, along with police officers, to respond to challenges related to homelessness, drug abuse and mental illness.

But the executive order did not address issues of systemic racism and radical policy changes, which, according to activists and some police experts, are crucial for meaningful criminal justice reform. The poet of the new order may not be enough to stop the protests in the country.

Kendall Thomas, a law professor at Columbia University who works on issues of race, police, and constitutional law, believes Trump’s order does not indicate commitment to any major political change. He emphasized that reform remains focused on police training, not community security. “This order was aimed at maintaining the status quo. It’s not about adopting a policy that would put an end to punitive police activities, but about gradual reforms, ”he said.

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