11 months ago

Trump has threatened the introduction of US forces in the rioted states

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump intends to mobilize federal resources, both civilian and military, to stop riots. He stated this the day before, reports RT.

Trump, in particular, recommended that the governors use the forces of the National Guard. If a city or state does not take measures to protect residents and their property, the US president promised to solve the problem on his own by deploying the Armed Forces.

Mass protests escalated into riots with looting, violence and arson, swept the United States after the murder of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis. He was suspected of trying to pay with false bills, and when he was detained, a white policeman pressed his knee on his neck without changing his position for several minutes despite Floyd’s cries that he had nothing to breathe. The detainee died in intensive care, and the police officer was prosecuted only after the start of the protests.

In a few days, protests spanned over 20 cities across the country. In Washington, protesters tried to break through to the White House; Trump was even temporarily taken to an underground bunker.

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