Trump: if Biden wins, the United States will plunge into anarchy

Donald Trump has accused his rival Joe Biden of neglecting police officers. He said that if a democrat wins the elections, anarchists will come to power in the United States. With these words, the head of the White House addressed his supporters in the state of Nevada.

Donald Trump blatantly violates protective measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This claim was voiced by the administration of the city of Henderson, Nevada, where the president has an appointment with supporters on the territory of one of the factories. Local authorities said that gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited, and the enterprise faces a $ 500 fine or even license revocation for violating the enterprise. Trump’s headquarters dismissed it: meeting with him is no more dangerous than mass protests. And the entrance to the event is only in a mask, after measuring the temperature and disinfecting the hands. However, those who want to talk to Trump do not particularly care about protective measures.

“I’m not going to wear a mask. I’m a healthy American. And no one here looks sick. And as far as social distancing is concerned, I very much doubt it is useful,” says John Barro.

“I have not observed social distance for two weeks. I used to do it because I wanted to look correct and obedient. But now I thought about it and decided that I do not care,” says Ru Phoenix.

Trump himself continues to blame China for the pandemic. And he believes that Beijing deliberately spread this virus around the world in order to hit the economies of all countries. And his rival in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden, was again accused of disinformation and fueling mass protests in the United States.

“Sleepy Joe Biden has surrendered. Do you know where he is now? He’s back in his damn basement. He hid. He’s only able to sneakily place vicious TV ads and call American soldiers losers. And fight the police who actually protect us.” – said US President Donald Trump.

Protests in the United States have not subsided for more than three months. More and more accusations are poured against the police. For example, in Georgia, a deputy sheriff was fired for excessive use of force in the arrest of an African American. A criminal case has been opened.

In the meantime, the US authorities are ready to give a reward of 100 thousand dollars for information that will help catch a man who shot two police officers in Los Angeles that week. Donald Trump even threatens the criminal with the death penalty, as announced on Twitter.

Joe Biden is nowhere near as active as Trump in the midst of the campaign. The press is still unhappy that he rarely appears in public. The former mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who also tried to run, decided to support him, and not only in words. He announced that he will provide $ 100 million for Biden’s campaign in Florida. Florida is one of the hesitant states. And Trump is already going to burning California, which usually casts votes for Democrats. The head of the White House intends to visit the operational headquarters of firefighters.