11 months ago

Trump in response to criticism of Obama accused him of incompetence

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump on Sunday accused the latter of incompetence in response to criticism from the former US President Barack Obama.

Obama on Saturday gave a video message to graduates of 78 American colleges and universities. The ex-head of the White House, in particular, said that the new type of coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that the current US leadership is not aware of the consequences of its actions.

“Listen, he was an incompetent president. That’s all I can say. Extremely incompetent,” Trump told reporters Sunday on the White Lawn of the White House in response to a request for comment on Obama’s words. At the same time, Trump noted that he did not see the performance of his predecessor.

The New York Times regarded the former president’s appeal as a lunge against Republican administration Donald Trump ahead of the November US election. Democrat Obama after the expiration of his presidential term in January 2017 generally avoided publicly criticizing the decisions of his successor. One of the exceptions was the White House action plan, designed to stop the spread of the disease caused by coronavirus, the number of which the country ranks first in the world.

The Washington Post, citing sources among advisers to the American leader a week ago, reported that Trump was really alarmed that the second outbreak of coronavirus expected by experts in the fall could damage his reputation and hinder re-election in the November elections. In private conversations, according to the publication, Trump “struggles to understand” how everything suddenly changed: from confidence in re-election to the understanding that he is losing in popularity to Joseph Biden. According to advisers to the head of state, former Vice President Biden is ahead of Trump even in polls conducted by the Republican’s election campaign.

Biden remained the only contender for the US presidential candidate from the Democrats after the April 8 exit from the campaign of Senator Vermont Bernie Sanders. The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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