Trump instructed to insult Biden’s “suffering from insanity” in a new way

US President Donald Trump has given the task of finding a new offensive nickname to his rival in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden. This is reported by Axios.

It is noted that the Trump team came to the conclusion that the long-time nickname “sleepy Joe” does not work for Biden’s anti-rating, as was the case with “dishonest Hillary [Clinton, rival in the last election].” The president’s new strategy is to consolidate in the minds of Americans the image of Biden as a person supposedly suffering from insanity (to emphasize deteriorating mental abilities). It is known that Trump has already refused in his Twitter account the epithet “sleepy” in favor of “corrupt”, which can also help in demonizing Biden.

Concern over Biden’s mental health has been a topic of wide discussion since he announced his entry into the presidential race. Over the past few months, Biden made a number of mistakes during television interviews and campaign speeches. Trump has repeatedly insulted Biden because of his stumbles and inappropriate remarks, insisting that the former US vice president is mentally incapable of holding office.

US elections are scheduled for November 3, 2020. According to published ratings, Biden is currently ahead of Trump by almost 10 percent.