Trump interrupted an interview with the 60 Minutes program and accused the presenter of bias

President Donald Trump interrupted an interview he was giving 60 Minutes on CBS News this Tuesday at the White House, accusing the host of bias and threatening to release a transcript of their conversation ahead of the show.

According to Politico sources on the set, Trump “lost his temper”, unhappy with the questions of the host Leslie Stahl. The president spoke with a CBS reporter for 40 minutes, but refused to stay for the second part of the interview, which he was supposed to give in conjunction with Vice President Mike Pence. Pence, in turn, talked with Stahl for about 15 minutes.

After filming the program, the president tweeted a video of Stahl talking to producers in the White House without a mask, writing: “Leslie Stahl from 60 Minutes without a mask in the White House after interviewing me. Details later. ” “It happened a few moments after she criticized me for not wearing a mask when I was working at my desk. Added Assistant White House Press Secretary Caroline Leavitt. “The rules apply to me, but not you, Leslie?”

On Tuesday night, shortly before leaving the White House for the Pennsylvania rally, the president also hinted that the release of 60 Minutes would not, in his view, reflect what actually happened during the interview. I’m glad to inform you that I am considering posting my interview with Leslie Stahl before the show! This will be done so everyone can get an idea of what fake news and biased interviews are! “

60 Minutes, which includes an interview with Trump, is due to air Sunday night. The special will also feature interviews with presidential candidate Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris.

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