Trump is 14% behind Biden

11 months ago

Trump approval rating down seven points
Against the backdrop of anti-racist protests near the White House, which broke out due to increased violence by the American police, the rating of the President of the United States Donald Trump again fell. According to the results of its polls, CNN reports on Tuesday, June 9.

Now the level of confidence in the president is 38%.

So, the Trump approval rating fell by seven points compared with the results of polls last month. Now the president is even further behind Joe Biden, the alleged Democratic presidential candidate. The latter has support at the highest level now.

38% of Americans polled approve of how Trump deals with the presidency, while 57% disapprove. This is his worst approval rating since January 2019, when the impeachment process continued.

Trump is 14% behind Biden. The current president is supported by 41% of respondents, while Biden’s support is 55% and is the highest.

The reason for this result is Trump’s reaction to US protests against racism and police violence. The survey shows that the general public does not approve of Trump’s attitude to racial issues (63% do not approve), while 65% say that the president’s reaction to recent protests was more harmful than useful.

Since 42% of respondents called racial relations crucial for their vote for president this fall, this issue is now on par with the economy and health.

Voters give Biden a greater credit of trust – 63% believe that Biden will cope with racial issues better, and only 31% prefer to see Trump for this task. Among black voters, Biden is also preferred: 91% versus 4% for Trump. He bypasses Trump also in the fight against coronavirus (B – 55%, T – 41%). Trump is only superior to Biden in managing the economy: 51% trust the president, 46% trust Biden.

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