Trump is about to punish China for the spread of coronavirus

The United States authorities intend to hold China accountable for the spread of the coronavirus, US President Donald Trump is exploring various options for measures against China, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

When asked whether the American authorities intend to bring Beijing to justice, which Washington blames for the spread of the virus, the head of the US State Department answered in the affirmative, TASS reports.

“Surely you are starting to see how this (the response) is shaped. Not only the US understands the need for this, not only the US understands that China has hidden [the emergence of the coronavirus], ”Pompeo said in an interview with host Larry O’Connor.

“The real price will be set [for China]. President Trump is being offered various options and ways of responding. I would not like to be ahead of the president’s decisions. But this is not only appropriate, but also necessary for the country that has made such a decision [to cover up the spread of the coronavirus], now costing more than a million lives and a trillion dollars in economic well-being for ordinary Americans and the middle class around the world, a certain price be imposed, ” Pompeo, quoted by the State Department press service. The secretary of state stressed that the United States will lead this effort.

In September, Trump, during a speech at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, called for punishing China for the spread of the coronavirus around the world. Earlier, Trump has repeatedly accused China of deliberately infecting the world with coronavirus. Pompeo, in turn, said that the United States had evidence that China was deliberately hiding evidence of the coronavirus outbreak. The head of the State Department promised to punish China for hiding information about the coronavirus. China has categorically denied all US allegations of the coronavirus.