Trump is considering the possibility of completely ending cooperation with China

12 months ago

US President Donald Trump said the scenario in which relations with China would be completely terminated is real

He wrote about this on Twitter.

He made such a statement after a new package of sanctions against the PRC was signed.

“Perhaps I didn’t make it clear, but in US politics, of course, there remains the option of completely breaking with China under various conditions,” Trump wrote.

But users did not believe Trump’s words, reminding him in the comments that the president had previously asked the Chinese leader to help him win the November election. As you know, such information in memoirs was told by Trump’s ex-national security adviser John Bolton.

According to Bolton, this happened at the summit of the Big Twenty (G-20).

Bolton claims to have witnessed the conversation when Trump directly asked the Chinese leader to help him win the US presidential election.

“After that, quite unexpectedly, he switched the conversation to the upcoming US elections, stressing that China’s economic opportunities could influence the election campaign, and asked Xi to help him win. He emphasized the important role of farmers and the impact that an increase in soybean and wheat purchases by China may have on the outcome of the elections, ”Bolton wrote.

Bolton also noted that it is difficult for him to remember at least one decision made by Trump during his work in the White House, “which was not due to relying on re-election.”

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