“Trump is losing his trump card”

The US presidential administration assures that Donald Trump will continue to fulfill his duties despite being infected with the coronavirus. Scott Lucas, professor at the Department of American Studies at the University of Birmingham, comments on the situation:

“If the president turns out to be incapacitated, even for a short period of time, then the powers automatically pass to the vice president and this, of course, Mike Pence. If he also becomes infected with the coronavirus, then powers pass to the next official, today it is a Democrat, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Congress USA Nancy Pelosi.

The possibility of postponing the date of the elections is being actively discussed. But that will require a congressional decision, and I don’t think Senate Republicans, who have long supported Trump, will do this.

The main tactic of influence in Trump’s arsenal, his main means are campaign trips, meetings with supporters indoors and on the street, despite the fact that many participants in these rallies do not wear masks. Now he has lost this opportunity, will he make a public statement from the White House?

We don’t know for sure yet if he has symptoms. Whether he will take part in the debate with Joe Biden while quarantined in the White House – the next round should take place in less than two weeks. In other words, due to illness, the Republican campaign was called into question.

And there is also a broader issue. Usually, the candidate’s illness evokes the sympathy of voters, maybe people will show sympathy for Donald Trump. But Donald Trump doesn’t rely on sympathy and compassion for support.

During the debate on Tuesday, we saw his aggressive and even derisive attitude towards Joe Biden. Therefore, I do not think that he will be able to say – vote for me, because you pity me. He also loses his trump card – the allegation of poor health Joe Biden, despite the fact that this is misinformation, he will not be able to say that Biden is not able to be president. “